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Семинар Robert Griñó

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В 27.07.2016 в 14-00 в конференц-зале кафедры СУиИ (пер. Гривцова 14, ауд. 446) пройдет семинар приглашенного ученого Роберта Грино на тему:
Some results on the existence of equilibria and stability of dc linear networks with constant power loads.


The presentation will show some results on the existence of equilibria in dc electrical networks that supply to constant power loads (CPLs). Specifically, a necessary condition for the existence, which is also sufficient for the case one and two CPLs, will be presented. Besides, a sufficient condition, based on the negative imaginary systems concept, that assures local stability for all the range of possible equilibria will be shown for the case of a dc linear network with a single ideal or finite-bandwidth CPL.


Robert Griñó is an Industrial Engineer (1989) (esp. Electricity) and Dr. Industrial Engineering (1997) from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). During 1991 and 1992 he worked as a research associate at the Institute of Cybernetics (UPC), and from 1992 to 1998 he was a lecturer in the Department of Systems Engineering, Automation and Computer Engineering (Automatic Control). He is currently Associate Professor in the same department and develops research at the Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering (IOC). His teaching was done in industrial engineering degree participant since 1992 in various subjects at the ETSEIB: Automatic Regulation: Systems Engineering Plan (64) Automatic Regulation: Control with Computer (Plan 64) , system Dynamics (Plan 94) with Computer control Plan (94) and Signal Analysis Plan (94). In the field of the PhD program "Advanced Automation and Robotics" IOC has taught courses: Multivariable feedback control and feedback control theory. He has participated in the project INNOVATION, funded by the European Community (EC) "Constraint Logic Operation of Water Systems" (CLOCWISE) and projects CICYT "Self-Organizing and Recurrent Neural Networks for Identification, Control and Optimization of Dynamical Systems "" Advanced Nonlinear control Techniques "and" control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems ". He is a member of IEEE and IFAC of SCS.

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