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Output Control Approach Consecutive Compensator Providing Exponential and L-infinity-stability for Nonlinear Systems with Delay and Disturbance

Авторы: Pyrkin A., Bobtsov A., Фаронов М., Shavetov S, Капитанюк Ю., Kapitonov A., Kolyubin S.

Год издания: 2011

Издание: Proceedings of 2011 IEEE Multi-conference on Systems and Control

Издательство: IEEE Publishing

Страна: USA

Город: Денвер

This paper deals with the output stabilization of time-delay systems with sector-bounded nonlinearity and disturbance. In this paper we will consider the problem of absolute stability for a class of time-delay systems which can be represented as a feedback connection of a linear dynamical system with unknown parameters and a uncertain nonlinearity satisfying a sector constraint. For a class of output control algorithms a controller providing exponential stability of equilibrium position without disturbance and L-infinity-stability for disturbed systems is proposed.

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